Monday, May 12, 2014


A couple of years ago, Derek was telling me the story of a sports team and their coach.  Please don't ask me to recall the team, the sport, or the coach's name.  That kind of information simply does not register with me.

What I did take away from the story was a phrase that the coach used with his players.  He always asked them the question "Who's got it better than us?!?", to which his players would shout back "NOBODY!"

That has become our family mantra.   For us this simple question and answer is a reminder to appreciate what we have and what we work for.  It's a reminder of all that has gone right for us and a reminder of how we've overcome the things that did not go right for us.

It's the admission that it has taken a combination of good fortune and hard work to get here and that not everyone is so lucky.  It's a gentle nod to one another for the obstacles we've triumphed over, and a nod to chance for the circumstances that are beyond our control.

It's my way of telling Harrison that he is responsible for his own happiness, just as we all are.  It tells him that I believe love is a verb and that you get out of a relationship what you put into it.

I hope it tells him that I have found my happiness in life.  I have found it loving him and loving his daddy.  This Mother's Day, I hope it tells him that there's not a luckier mom in the world.  I hope it tells him that no one could love him more.

Does your family have a motto?  What does yours mean to you?

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