Monday, May 5, 2014


  • "Mommy, <huge sigh> when will I be big enough to be a Dr.?"
  • "That girl is kinda pretty."
  • "No, I don't have to go potty.  I'm just scratching my penis."
  • "Hmmmm,  look at your BIG breast things!"
  • "If our dog ever dies, should we get a different one?"
  • "Does daddy go to work so I can have lots of money?...That's good."
  • "I'm just really sad because my Grandma isn't here for a sleepover."
  • (to a stranger at Target) "Wanna come back to my house?  You sure can."
  • "He keeps telling me I'm three and I AM NOT THREE!  I AM FOUR."
  • "Breathe on me some more.  I like your breath."
  • "I think I'll have a bath."
  • (waitress at Charleston's asks Harrison if he wants to be her boyfriend)  "I really can't right now.  I'm just too busy."
  • "Do you think we should crash into that car?"  (maybe I should do a better job hiding my road rage?)
  • "Is that the Oklahoma flag or the other one?"
  • "Let's don't go home yet.  I'm not quite ready."
  • "Tell me again when I'm allowed to hit that kid?"
  • "Well I just don't think that's funny."
  • "This bicycle just makes me SOOOO MAD!"
  • "I'll do it if you say please."
  • "I"m not really cold enough to wear pants."

What have your little people been saying?  I'll post my favorite submissions!

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