Monday, May 19, 2014


Ever dealt with a really frustrating situation while you had your little one in tow?  Of course you have.  We all have.  Ever cursed repeatedly during said situation, guaranteeing that your child would repeat you in the future?  Probably so.  Ever cursed so loudly and so profusely that you didn't even notice that your child was chiming in?  Mmmmm...maybe not, but I have.

During some shopping yesterday, I suddenly noticed that my clutch was AWOL.  For my few men readers, a clutch is a small wallet-like purse.  Mine contains roughly my whole life.  I had my phone, keys, credit cards and ID, insurance information, and favorite lipstick all packed into that tiny bit of leather.

I assumed that I had probably put it in the front of my basket and it had been snatched when I had my back turned.  Normally I would not have jumped to put the onus on theft, but we were in a store that was...I'll just say a bit shady.  The surrounding patrons were of the fairgrounds quality.

I got just a little bit agitated.  When I get agitated, I curse.  Not a little.  I curse like a coked up turrets sufferer.  Now, here are my humble thoughts on cursing.  It's great.  Studies have actually shown that letting those dirty words fly is good for you.  It can lower stress and anxiety levels.  It has also been shown that people who curse are typically more honest.  So there.

Before you send me letters, I do try to keep it in check in certain situations.  I don't whip out my favorites at preschool.  I try to keep it tame in front of Harrison, but he has certainly heard a few things.

In theory, I don't even have a problem with Harrison learning "bad" words.  I don't tell him they're bad.  I tell him they are grown up words and that it's not always polite to use them.

The point is that I'm not particularly phased by language, so I didn't immediately notice that I wasn't the only one chanting "shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT..." while searching the store for my clutch.  Harrison was wholeheartedly joining in.

Now who looks like mom of the year??? This lady.

Oh well.  There are definitely worse things I could be teaching my little guy.  In the end, the clutch was found, and I didn't even have to pat down my fellow shoppers.  I'm going to call it a win.

What have you heard come out of your little person's mouth?  Share your horror stories with us!

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  1. This post is great. I laughed so hard.I have had very similar situations happen with our little savage. A few weeks ago, we came home from a playdate with a little boy that I love to death but can be challenging at times. I was talking to my husband about the day, and I go yeah M was acting like a mmmm. I really don't know exactly what I was going to insert there but my 5 year old excitedly chimes in ASSHOLE as he's swinging on his bunk bed.