Wednesday, February 19, 2014


There is a serious love/hate dynamic happening between Harrison and our pug Beau.  When Harrison was a new baby, Beau had very strict rules about interacting with him.  She knew better than to jump up on him or nip at him.  As much as I adore her, that kind of thing would have gotten her a one way ticket back to China.

As Harrison has grown though, it has become increasingly necessary to allow her to fend for herself.  The poor dog is constantly the unwilling participant in a game of chase or wrestling.

Beau is quite a small pug, weighing in at only about 14lbs.  She doesn't stand a chance against my little Tasmanian.

Harrison is short but very stocky and VERY strong.  I'm even a little scared of him, so she must be terrified.  Especially since he is determined to "play" with her.  He keeps sneaking her off into his playroom and then closing her in.  I'll be doing dishes or something and then hear hysterical peals of laughter coming down the hall.  Laughter and frantic clawing at the door.

 Whenever I go rescue Beau, she bolts out of the room and doesn't stop running until she is safely under Derek's nightstand.  If I don't get to her quickly enough, she will sometimes give him a little warning love bite.  It's more like a gumming, really.  She doesn't even break the skin, but Harrison thinks he's losing a limb.  He'll start wailing "BEAU BITED ME!" <gnashing of teeth>.  I always ask "why would Beau have bitten you?" and he will say "I was being really mean to her!" <more gnashing>.

Yesterday Harrison was being particularly rough with Beau.  After multiple warnings and a time out, I told him he was losing his cartoon privileges for the day.  I was then informed that I was "losing my KISSES privileges until cartoons were back on."  Touché, little man.  Touché.

Somehow, Beau still loves Harrison to pieces.  I think it has something, or A LOT, to do with the fact that he is almost always covered in food stuffs.  She will sit and lick him for hours, her eyes glazed with joy, as she nibbles the yogurt out of his hair or the queso off of his shirt.

Of course, Harrison has learned that food is the way to receive Beau's attention.  I am constantly catching him as he "shares" his treats with her.  You can't explain to a 3yr old (or to a pug) that dogs don't need skittles.

Thus, the friendship stands strong.  I hope it always will.  Even if refereeing their playdates costs me a few kisses.

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