Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I knew it was coming because children are brutally honest and disturbingly observant. Harrison is no exception.We were having a tickle fight yesterday when he started to point at my midsection. He asked me (with much amusement) "is that belly squishy?!?"

THAT belly was indeed MY belly. The one I lovingly carried him in until I thought my skin would split. The one that I watched magically transform from flat and taut into an enormous mound of bladder squishing misery.

THAT was the belly that would be forever changed. It was unlikely to sport a bikini again, in this lifetime. It was never again going to sit against my waistband without muffining over the top.The days of buying a size 4, right off the rack, were gone. Looooooong gone. Now shopping is a game of "which garment will most adequately cover this post baby-bulge?"

A part of me mourns my squishy belly. Another part (a much bigger part) recognizes how amazing my body is. I grew an entire person in there! An incredible, hilarious, sweet person that I love more than anything in the world. Certainly more than any skinny clothes I wore before his birth.

So Harrison, the answer is yes. That belly is squishy... If it wasn't, I wouldn't have you.

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