Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I love dogs almost as much as I love children. Not YOUR dogs or children, but definitely mine.

Harrison is not actually my only child. I have a little girl too. She has a face like a frying pan, a booty like a corkscrew, and she sheds like cheap cashmere. For those of you guessing, my other baby is a Chinese pug. I know the suspense was killing you.

Her name is Beau and I seriously adore her. So much so, that I was concerned when I got pregnant that she would be displeased with a sibling. Luckily, my fears were quickly dismissed.

From the first day we brought Harrison home, Beau has made him HER baby. She "herds" me toward him if he starts to cry. Apparently, I need help getting a hustle on.

I find few things sweeter than my pot bellied boy giggling hysterically as my pot bellied pug bathes him with kisses. I love the conspiratorial look they each get when sharing a Popsicle, or a pb&j, or a gogurt, or a cheese stick....yeah, they do a lot of bonding over snacks.

My childhood pet was a Labrador. He was my sharer of sandwiches and giver of kisses. I will never forget the smell of his puppy breath or how much I loved him.

Today I'm watching Harrison make memories with his best canine buddy. I know it wont be long before he is reminiscing about Beau with his own children. I don't think I could give him a better gift.

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