Monday, January 14, 2013

Blogger down.

The holidays are behind us again.  The tree is down, the stockings are emptied, and i can barely remember my name. All the Christmas hustle and bustle takes over my limited brain capacity.

As normalcy resumes, I can blog again. There is much to tell. We are the proud new owners of approximately 2,500 new toddler toys. Santa was generous. There is a tent in my living room. Yes. You read that right. A tent. Grandma thought Harrison needed one. Harrison agrees. Who am I to neigh say living room camping?

My baby boy has been successfully potty trained and is about to start preschool. I am horrified and delighted that he's getting so big. Speaking of big, the whole family (including the dog) needs to go on a diet that does not consist primarily of eggnog and grandpa's fudge.

I've started going to barre classes in yet another attempt at getting in shape. For those of you who have not been to one, allow me to paint you a picture. Barre class is a ballet inspired Pilates/cardio class that kicks. My. Ass. I spend the hour pirouetting to the beat and hoping I don't throw up. 

I hope this next year brings me a svelte post baby body, Harrison increasing control of his penis, and all the bear free camping adventures I can stand. Happy new year to me!

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