Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dora: my nemesis, my friend.

Harrison is in a Dora coma. We're on our 3rd straight episode. My little guy definitely watches too much television.  Then again, what exactly is too much?  Really too much?

I'm fully aware of the AP's recommendations.  I can read. What I can't do is entertain a wildebeest 24hrs a day. Every. Day.

So what happens when Harrison and I have played 26 games of Thomas the train, 16 games of chase, taken a 45min bath, gone for 2 drives, seeking trains and cows, and had 11 snacks when it's only 11:30?

I'll tell you what:  WE WATCH TV. Lots and lots of tv. I have plenty of the required guilt about this habit. But you know something?  A mommy has got to survive.

Dora the Explorer is my refuge from the storm. She's never too tired to play with harry "one more time". She never tells him her back hurts or that she just. Has. To. Catch. Her. Breath.  She is my hero. And I hate her.

The theme song constantly runs through  my head. I find myself singing it in the shower and in line at the grocery store. Didn't Bach go crazy from one repeated note? Oh well, my sanity was up for grabs anyway. So, Dora anyone?!?

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