Tuesday, October 9, 2012


All moms say it "Oh, I just wish I could keep them little!"  Every time I think this, my son gets even better. I wish little boys shed their husks like locusts. Then I could vacuum seal him at every stage and still let him keep growing up.

It's shockingly painful, isn't it?  The constant changing of our little people. Don't get me wrong, I'm as glad as the next mom when he grows out of whatever heinous habit he is currently torturing me with, but there are some moments I want to squeeze tight forever.

His penchant for playing in his poop like an orangutan, for instance, is something I do not miss. Or  the times that he bitch slapped me when I was rocking him to sleep- not so precious to me. I was not a particular fan of feeding on demand until my breasts were so huge, I couldn't put my arms down at my sides. No. Not missing that.

But his first little smile. Oh. My. God. I was totally done for.   Just today, I told him I loved him and he replied back with an "I loooooove you too sweeeetie!"  I nearly died of on the spot nostalgia.

Those are the times when I look at the little man my baby is becoming and I have to fight the overwhelming urge to paper mâché him on the spot. For now, I guess I'll have to continue to appease myself with the 1,000 pictures I take daily.

For now.

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