Saturday, October 6, 2012


Harrison is an only child and his grand poobah status is unlikely to change. Therefore, he gets to have most things to himself most of the time. That is exactly how he likes it too.

I'm running into a minor difficulty in teaching him to share. As an only child myself, I have always been, shall we say, particular about my things. How do you teach your child the principals of a concept you find distasteful?

  If I'm honest, I  would rather other people didn't touch my stuff. People have cooties. I'm sure of it. I can almost see germs appearing on my beloved items when they're being pawed at by other people. I think the Ebola virus is out to get me. It's only a matter of  time.

I realize that my discomfort might be a touch... insane, but that doesn't slow me down. I will go to great (hopefully unnoticeable) lengths to avoid sharing. If this weren't such an important life skill, I would teach Harrison to hoard his belongings like it's the zombie apocalypse.

So what's a stingy mom of a stingy toddler to do?  The hell if I know. If I'm lucky, someone more generous will come along and share some tips.

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  1. I don't like sharing some things, like spouses or bras. Past that, I'm generally open.

    1. Bras...that's a definite no. My least favorite thing to share is my pillow. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.