Wednesday, September 3, 2014


We're still trying to survive a move.  Again let me apologize for withholding the Harrisonisms.  Don't worry though.  They've been in no short supply, and many have been about the "birds and bees".

  • "Mommy, could you give me a little napping privacy please?"
  • "MOMMY! A package came!  I bet it's filled with money and gizmos!!"
  • "Did Daddy ask you before he put my special baby seed in your belly?"

  • "How did I get out of your belly anyway?"  
(Me-taking a good long beat to word this correctly) "Well, sweetie...mommies have a special opening that stretches wide so their babies can come out."

(Harrison- holding his hands up in an O shape)  "Was it your vagina?"

(Me-trying not to run away) "...........yes.  (throat clearing) Yes it was."


  • (upon walking in to see two horses mating on a nature show)  "Well, I've never seen that before."
  • (walking in on me peeing)  "Hey there.  I'll just keep you company a little bit."
  • "Will you always be my best friend?"
  • (while helping me get the house ready to show) "Ooooooooh, these people are just going to LOVE our house."
  • "I feel pretty angry and frustrated right now." (sigh)
  • (after falling and scraping his knee)  "I'm afraid you're going to have to carry me from now on."

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