Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Summer is always a busy time.  There is usually a bit of traveling, days spent at the pool or water park, visits to Grandma, and of course a good (knock the whole family on its ass)-cold.

Blogging time has been hard to come by lately, but I have been jotting down some of Harrison's thoughts so that I could share the madness once I got a second.

With no further ado...

"Harrison do you need to go potty?"
"Nope.  I've got this ALL under control, mom."

"When boys ask their moms for something they have to do it.  They really have to do it RIGHT NOW."

"Well, mommy...this was just delightful."

"I still love you mom, even if I get mad and use my angry words with you."

"Booty trap!"  (Booby trap?)

"Well, would ya look at THAT!"

"LOOK mommy!  I made fruit prints."  (foot prints)

 <whispering> "Hey mommy...say booty."

"I.  AM.  A...SWIMMER!"

<suspicious kalonk comes from the bathroom> "I got it, mom!  I've got it.  It's under control."   *Lot's of things have been "under control" lately.

"I need the air conditioning at once."

"So mom, did you know there's these lemurs that get trained to help recycle???"
"Yep.  They smell the pieces of trash and put in in the right piles."

"Let's go to the FESTIBAL!"  (festival)

<pediatrician enters the room>  "So, Dr...what are we going to do today?"

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