Monday, March 3, 2014


Do you remember the ecstasy of a day off school, when you were a kid?  I certainly do.  There were few things I liked better than a good 'ole snow day.  Now that my kiddo is in pre-k, snow days are a bitter-sweet event.

I love the extra time I get to spend with Harrison when school is closed.  We get to have extra cuddles and play lots of games.  We get to watch movies together and do crafts.  We get to cook together and read bunches of stories.

These things keep him occupied for the first two hours of our snow in.  That's when he starts to get bored and I start to go a little insane.

My son requires A LOT of stimulation and interaction.  He is an only child, so I am playmate numero uno.  While I adore spending time with him, I can start to feel like a circus clown, dancing and juggling to keep him entertained.

By mid day, I am CERTAIN that I cannot hear one more "mommy, mommy, MOOOOOMMMMY!" without having a psychotic break.

Don't act like you don't know what I mean.  I see you (some of you) on Facebook talking bad about moms that enjoy a little alone time.  Those self-centered bitches, you shout!  How dare we suggest that peeing alone is enjoyable.  Then we have the audacity to proclaim the joy in drinking a cup of coffee on the sofa with a magazine.  We should have our mother cards revoked, you say!!!

Maybe that's not like anything you'd ever say...if that's the case, then you and I are tight.  We're bosom buddies, but I really have heard those things said by others.

I once knew a homeschool mom that posted an article on Facebook that claimed parents who send their children to public school are just "warehousing their children" and looking for a place to "stash their brats six hours a day."  I kid.  you.  not.

I have absolutely nothing against homeschooling, if that's the best decision for your family. I applaud your dedication. We have chosen to send our son to school.  We came by this decision (and most every other parenting decision) with much discussion and research.

I do not send Harrison to school so that I can eat bon bons on the couch all day and pretend I'm not a mom.  I find that our time together is enriched by a bit of time apart.  We enjoy each other even more.  I am more engaged and less impatient.  He has adequately channelled a portion of his energy and has learned new things.  Sounds like a win, doesn't it?

If I'm honest, it only takes me about thirty minutes of listening to an empty house, before I want to go back and get my baby.  I know, though, that we benefit from his school days.  I also know that I'm still the primary figure in his life.  His schooling is an important part of "our village".  You know, the one that it takes to raise a child?

I find it really distressing that we put so much pressure on parents to think the sun shines out of their kids asses 100% of the time.  Toddlers can be a little...ummmmm...precocious.  I love my little troublemaker more than I can possibly explain, but sometimes...just sometimes...HE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

Do you homeschool or send your kids to public or private school?  Why?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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