Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I recently had the privilege of celebrating a friend's birthday with her.  We did what any moms in their thirties like to do on a Saturday night...we went to a drag show.  No?  That's not what you do for girls' night out???  Well, you are really missing out.

I like The BOOM in downtown Okc.  They have the best music, drinks, and entertainment around.  Trust me.  Go see one of their live shows.  You will not be disappointed.  The people are unlike any you have met before (and not just because they can do a smokey eye and put on spanx at the same time).

Personally, I LOVE DRAG QUEENS!  They are some of the best people you'll ever meet.  I love their unflinching honesty;  "Honey, no...This < wags finger > is alllll wrong."  Who doesn't want that in their life?!?  I wish I had a queen bestie to help me get dressed every day.   Are you hearing this, ladies?!?

I also love a queen's proclivity for the word bitch.  Which is funny, because I am not a fan of using "bitch" as an endearment term.  Typically, if I refer to you as a bitch, we are not so much the best of friends.  I just love it when the queens call me bitch, though.  Probably because it is usually wrapped up in a compliment; "Bitch pllllllease...where did you get those skinnies?"

I also find that drag queens are really genuine people.  They are true to themselves in a way that few of us really are.  Imagine if you had to wear your Manolos in secret or be ostracized.  Would you go for a nice strut down main street?  Doubtful.  So next time you encounter a person in drag,  give 'em a "whoooo girl!"  I think these ladies deserve it.

Another thing I love about going to a drag show, is the audience.  You meet a census worth of personalities.  It's not your average trip to Target. There are straight people, gay people, couples, thruples, and singles (among many others).  On Saturday, I found myself falling in love with a married couple.  They were the cutest thing!

Apparently, the couples (heterosexual) son is starring in 'All My Ex Boyfriends Are Gay', one of The BOOM's dinner theater shows.  He plays a gay man in the show and was out hanging with some gays that night.  The mom and dad were front and center at The Boom, just living it up.

Mom was having a nice chardonnay while cheering for the queens.  Dad was holding protectively onto mom's knee, but smiling and cheering right along with her.  Not only were they having obvious fun; they were making a serious statement.  They were there in support of their son's career, his fellow actors and the LGBT people they were portraying.

I leaned over and whispered to my friend "those are the parents I want to be."  It's so true.  I want to support Harrison no matter who he turns out to be.  I want to encourage him to be open to new things and people.  I don't ever want
him to say "that's a little progressive for my mom to understand."

I want to be front and center in supporting Harrison no matter where he goes.

So Harrison, if your eighteen year old self is reading this...YES...I will come watch you do naked performance art, or showcase your fashion line that features wearing coffee filters, or listen as you debate politics that are different from mine,  or even as you (please help me) preach a religious sermon.

I will be there.  I will support you.  I will love you no matter what you choose.  The end.

What has been the hardest thing for you to support for your children?  

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  1. I love that you will be there no matter what!

    1. I know you'll do the very same, miss Amanda!