Friday, March 14, 2014


Part of being a child, is doing what you are told.  When my generation was growing up, we were expected to listen and follow through with a "yes ma'am" or a "yes sir".  The question "why?" was usually met with a "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"  Questioning an authority figure was considered disrespectful at best and outright mutinous at worst.  I strongly disagree with that approach to raising children.

 I don't know if you've noticed this about me yet, but rule following has never been my...thing, and while I don't want Harrison to intentionally cause trouble, I do want to pass along to him a healthy questioning of authority.  It's not always ok to do what you are told.  Those are the scary facts of life. I will not teach my son to do what all grownups say.  He will never get in trouble with me for questioning an adults motives.  Ever.

So if you end up with my son in class or on your sports team, be prepared for him to need to understand why he is supposed to do something.  I don't think our children should have to be little puppets, just because they are children.

Before you get all irate and start telling me how important it is to respect authority, let me assure you that I agree.  I will always insist that Harrison be respectful and polite.  He will not be the brat that tells his teacher "you can't make me!" or "you're not the boss of me!"  At least, not without a consequence.

Unless (you knew an unless was coming, right?)...unless, he isn't sure that what his teacher is telling him to do, is ok to do.  I would FAR rather he stand up for himself and be wrong than to do as he's told with the assumption that all adults have good intentions.

I apologize in advance if letting my child think for himself offends you.  Or if you get riled up about answering to a kid.  The bottom line is, you can't trust everyone.  If your motives are pure, then you won't need little yes men.  If you intend no harm, then you will find my son's precociousness endearing and think he is intelligent.

However, if you are some kind of child predator, be assured that my child will be taught to watch for you.  He will be taught to trust his instincts.  He will be taught to claw, bite, and scratch anyone that tries to harm him.  He will not be passive.  Not if I can help it.

Most of all though, he will know that he can come to me and tell me if someone makes him uneasy.  He won't hear me say "don't you dare say no to a grownup!"  Harrison is a person, you know?  A little one, I will grant you.  One that doesn't yet know how to navigate this world and all its' rules and regulations.

Harrison will need guidance and instruction as he grows, but he will not be owned and operated. N
ot by you and not even by me.  I guarantee you that.

How do you feel about authority over children?  What are your parenting policies about questions?  I'd love to hear from you!

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