Monday, February 10, 2014


Not a day goes by that I am not shocked by something Harrison says.  Sometimes his comments are hilarious.  Sometimes they are anger invoking.  Other times, he waxes poetic in a way that belies his age. 

Today's blog is a random collection of things that he has said.  Enjoy. 

"Mommy, how do babies grow?....I'm going to need to see some pictures."

"I was missing you while I was at school  mom, but now I'm home so I don't have to miss you!"

"That's it!  I'm removing lots and lots of your privileges!"

"When will my baby sister get here?"  He was referring to his baby SITTER.  If he has a baby sister, I'm unaware of her.

"I really need you to go away.  I am trying to get some sleep!"

"Go on out and let me have a little privacy."

"Remember last year when I took a bath?"  I swear to Pete he's had a bath since last year.

"Well, who doesn't like fireworks???"

"I'm probably going to need to see a doctor."

"I'm thinking about throwing up....Nope...Nope, I'm not."

"When you get little enough, I'll carry you." 

"I don't know who colored on the kitchen counter, but I think it might have been me."

This will probably need to become a recurring blog post.  There's no freaking telling what he will say to me next.  I'll keep you informed.

What kinds of things have your kiddos said to you lately?  I'd love to hear from you! 

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