Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Here are some of the random things to come out of my child's mouth this week:

"Mommy, don't forget to tell the Dr. that I bit my tongue."

"I think I'm kinda REALLY sick."

"You just need some coffee."

"Bacon is kinda weird."

"Well, that hurts my feelings!"

"I want. to see. my grandma's FACE."

" I think I like you."

"I just want to crawl back in your belly and then you can squeeze me out AGAIN!!!"

<GASPS>  "Mommy, you made my playroom SO PERFECT!"

"Daddy, let's have a talk about how you've been acting."

"Don't forget to get the bananas.  We are alllllll out of bananas."

"I.  DON'T.  LIKE.  YOU."

"Well...that's weird."


(At El Chicos Mexican restaurant, Derek ordered a Chimichanga)  "NO, NO, NO, daddy.  No Chewy Chimiis.

<whispering in my ear> "let's got to the s-e-r."  I have no idea what he was spelling.

(After getting caught watching television after bedtime)  "We'd better turn THAT off!"

"Hmmmmm...that looks...familiar."


And finally, my personal favorite:  I say to Harrison "I'm sorry mommy's been so grumpy today."
Harrison replies "Mommmmmy, don't be grumpy.  You're always the sweetest - so nice mommy."

I hope you enjoyed that banter half as much as I did.  Now leave me your favorite childisms.  I'd love to hear from you!

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