Monday, December 8, 2014


I know.  I know.  I am embarrassingly behind on updating this blog.  You know how the holiday season can be.  I have, however, been keeping notes on Harrison's latest and greatest.  Enjoy.

  • "I need some hand seasontizer." 

  • "This is sooooo exasperating."

  • "I'm afraid of TWO things...heights and ghostez."

  • "Daddy, do not tickle me.  I do not like being tickled in October."

  • "I know it darling."

  • "You're not my best friend for ONE WEEK."

  • "Our other house wasn't really  that awesome, but this house is WAY awesome."

  • "I just love my family."

  • "Tickle my back.  I just need to relax."

  • "Look mom!  It's the baby cages!"  (the pack n plays at target)

  • "Chill, girl.  Chill."

  • Me- "Harrison, how is your dinner?"   Harrison- "Delicioso!"

  • Me- "Would you like a string cheese?"   Harrison- "Well, of course."

  • "Ok, Dad...sing me Rudolph, but when I close my eyes, go out and enjoy mom."

There you have it.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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