Monday, October 13, 2014


Ok, so I know I've been completely AWOL for weeks, but we have FINALLY gotten moved into our new house.  Harrison, as usual, has been cracking my ass up so I thought I'd get back on the blogging  horse with some of his latest and greatest.

  • Me- "I'd like to cuddle with you Harrison."
          H- "Yeah, well...that's ok with me."       

  • (Grandma to Harrison) "See how the stars make an outline?"
           H- "Yes.  It's called a constellation."
  • "Hey mom, daddy has brown breasts."
  • "Well, I'm not going to make a situation out of it."
  • H- "There's a doughnut shop!"
          Me- "How can you tell it's a doughnut shop? "
          H- "I guess I'm just clever."

  • "You get a sticker mom.  Let's put it right here on this breast."
  • "OH  pish posh."
  • (Me to daddy)- "Somebody has been asking to play soccer again."
           H- "Yep.  That somebody is me daddy."
  • "Mommy, you're my little honey cup."
  • "My feelings are bleeding."
  • "Can I please have a brother?  Pllllllease???"
  • "Are you feeling kind of frisky from your coffee?"

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